Current Members and Performers

Rossana Alves
Born and raised in Brazil, Rossana Alves is a dancer, performer, movement educator, and journalist who moved to the Bay Area two years ago. As a dancer and performer, her main focus is Improvisation and Contact Improvisation, which has led her to participate in festivals in Brazil, Argentina, and the United States. She has been researching how to integrate body, mind and spirit into movement, bringing presence, images, inner sensations and emotions to the scene.  Rossana teaches Creative Dance for children, as a way to develop their potential, their capacity to relate to the word and their expression in a full and in a creative way. Currently she is an intern at Luna Kids Dance in a program called Moving Parents and Children Together.

Meghan Ballog
Meghan has been a performer of movement her entire life. She grew up in the dance studio and eventually graduated from The Boston Conservatory with a BFA in dance performance. She has since been focused on street performing, improvised movement, and meshing improvisation with theater and dance. Her daytime experience involves being an electrician and knitter.

David Flaig
David was born on an Air Force base in New Mexico during a dust storm and blizzard. His life has continued to be intense for more decades than he considers possible, the most recent of which has included much Butoh and movement-based performance. Doing this, he experiences a deep and heightened sense of life and being, movement or death. ENJOY!

Annie Goglia

Rene Lambert
René’s first introduction to movement was through gymnastics and karate as a teenager. He first met the Oakland Improv Collective in 2007 while practicing his hobby as a photographer. He felt a strong connection to the group and joined in 2008. Since then he has taken contact improv classes from Rossanna Alves and also some tango classes. His fascination and love for the group has been fed by the collective process of creating with the energy of the moment, then responding and connecting with the public.

Tania Llambelis
Oakland Improv Collective co-founder Tania has directed and performed in theatre and dance at UC Berkeley, the Mission Cultural Center, and the San Francisco Street Theater Festival, among other places. She has served as a program coordinator for the Mission Cultural Center and has taught dance and theatre to children and adults for over 17 years. Currently, she is a bilingual teacher at Global Family School (formerly Jefferson Elementary) in Oakland, and is enrolled in the Master’s in Theatre Arts program at San Francisco State University.

Darcie Luce
Darcie co-founded Oakland Improv Collective in 2007 with long-time friend Tania Llambelis in order to feed her appetite for dancing in unconventional places. Darcie has performed in professional dance companies in Washington, D.C. and the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been honored to train in theatre and dance improvisation, technique, and choreography with such nationally-recognized artists as Daniel Burkholder, Danny Nguyen, and the late Ed Tyler, as well as Nejla Yatkin, Anna Halprin, and Kim Epifano. Darcie has also created and shown original work in Oakland and at Wesleyan University. She has a Master’s degree in applied anthropology, focusing on community-based research.

Jorge Madrid

Wendy Stein

We have also been honored to work with…

Kay Ceridwen Bachman

Joy Cosculluela

Lewis Jordan

Kryst Muro

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